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A bit of history for you ……
Speakeasy establishments came in to prominence in the 1920 – 1930’s, during the prohibition era in the US. During this time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, was completely illegal.These types of establishments were regularly disguised as Tiger or animal shows, where the punter would pay an admission fee, receiving a free beverage in return thus trying to get around the law.
Although we’re keeping some traditional concepts of the original speakeasy, we’d like to think we’re adding a modern, slightly quirky twist and an absolute focus and passion for customer service.Enjoy the environment, enjoy your drinks but most of all enjoy the experience!

For booking enquiries please message via our Facebook page.

A riddle to assist you on your quest    52.859438,-3.053800,
At the cross roads where Leg Street and St Oswald meet,
You’ll find Auntie Bella, who loves a bite to eat.
Don’t dally in the ally,Just make your way through,
The gates will be open Or at least pulled too.
Now you’re somewhere near, The swing music will be clear.
Regardless of your best frock, You should remember to always knock,
And be sure to smile through the window.

New Years Eve Party


Cocktails, Botanical Gins & Craft Beer we hear,
In a forgotten building very near!
Here’s a twist on the first riddle that got you pissed…..
The Raj is now back,
But you may need your waterproof mac,
Turn down the dark at Deano’s Bella,
We promise there’s no scary fella,
You are now somewhere near and the electro swing will be clear…..
Push past the gates, we’re ready for you and your mates,
But please knock and smile through the window because we’re hearing the password is Flamingo!